Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This part can get real expensive, real fast!

The interior options and upgrades are plentiful - and if you're not careful, you could get in over your head. Here's what we did:
  • 8" deep sink on one side of double bowl kitchen sink (I have this now and can't live w/o it)  $125
  • 2nd light mounted to front of garage (you only get 1 and it looks so unbalanced) $125
  • Move laundry room from 1st floor to basement $150 (what a steal! The original location to have the laundry room is a small walkway between the garage and kitchen - where do you hang your clothes, what if you don't feel like taking the laundry upstairs and you want to leave it in a basket in your laundry room until tomorrow - everyone sees it then and I didn't like that)
  • Additional closet in basement under stairs $350 (you can NEVER have enough storage space)
  • Upgraded to oak floor in foyer and 1st level 1/2 bath $425
  • Upgraded carpet padding throughout entire house $875
  • Garage Door opener (yep, it doesn't come with an opener) $425
  • Upgraded interior lights to Level 1 upgrade $425
  • Upgraded faucets in master bathroom and 1st level bathroom $100
  • Upgraded kitchen faucet with handle vegetable sprayer $175
  • Utility Sink in basement (unfinished portion where laundry room will be) $550 (ouch! - but where do you clean up after painting, clean muddy shoes, etc.?)
  • No bedrooms come with ceiling lights - only outlets to plug in lights and then a wall switch to turn it off/on. We upgraded the Master Bedroom, Morning Room, and Child's room to have a ceiling fan/light fixture for $350 each
  • Cabinet upgrade 1 level ($1050) and got taller cabinet height of 42" ($350) $1400
  • Ceiling lights for 2 remaining bedrooms $125 each
  • Recessed lights above fireplace (2) $100 each
  • 2 additional windows in Morning Room (there's 3 walls and only 2 walls came with windows) $800
  • Floor drain in garage $300 (think of all the snow that drops off your car's under body in the winter and not having a place for the water to drain into)
  • Interior Painting of whole house - every wall will be painted 1 color throughout the entire house, rather than walking into a plain white walled house (then to add more color, I could opt to paint just 1 wall as an accent wall when I have time) $1700
Tomorrow I'll talk about the advice I got from Ryan home owners.


AJP said...

Hello Thrifty Amy! I've been following your blog, privately, for some time, and now recently started my own blog, in hopes of purchasing/building a Ryan Home by the end of the year.
Just a quick question.
I noticed that you upgraded to 2 recessed lights above your fireplace, but didn't note the cost of said fireplace? Just curious as to the price, if you wouldn't mind a rough idea. :)

ThriftyAmy said...

Hi AJP - my December 28th post lists the fireplace @ $2850. We did the least expensive option. No regrets! Good luck with your decision. I'll post a link to your blog once you decide if you'll be building with Ryan Homes.