Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's add a couple of more upgrades!

Tonight the contracts were signed for our house to be officially sold - pending inspection within 7 days. Based on the selling price (what we were listing the house for!!) we've got some extra money to put into our new house. Here's what we added:
  • Instead of just having the hardwood floor in the foyer and powder room, we did the whole dining room which is between the foyer and powder room $1850
  • Upgraded our kitchen lights to have 5 recessed can lights $500 ($100 for each light)
  • Flood lights on back of house $200
  • 2 additional ceiling fans in the 2 bedrooms we originally omitted - additional $450
  • Upgraded kitchen appliances to include smooth top electric range and digital ultra-quiet dishwasher $575
And our wonderful sales person got the $200 penalty waived for making changes after the standard 14 day time period - we used that towards the flood lights.

Tomorrow I'll discuss our meeting we had tonight with the Guardian Technologies sales rep. Trust me, it was no fun.

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