Friday, January 8, 2010

Meeting with Guardian Technologies

This was a long (2 hours) meeting with lots of items they try to sell you on like:
  • home security system (base package installed free - and then a monthly charge)
  • central vacuum system (almost $3k)
  • video monitoring system (starting at almost $2k)
  • additional cable, phone, data outlets
  • intercom (almost $2k)
  • Home theaters, TV's, and whole house audio
  • Pre-wire for flat panel mounts
There was tons of technical jargon that I couldn't even understand - and I'm the person in our house that hooks up our audio/video components. Honestly, I could have cared less about this meeting. All of their options are pricey. It's all about having your house wired into the walls at time of construction. The rep. we met was nice, but definitely trying to push many of his products.

You pay Guardian directly with 1/3 down at the meeting and then you are invoiced for the balance 30 days after moving in. None of this is rolled into your mortgage or closing costs.

You get 2 phone jacks and 2 cable outlets standard with your Ryan Home (only 1 of each if you are not finishing your basement). We did spend $495 to have the other rooms cable/internet ready.


Anonymous said...

We just purchased a Ryan home that is scheduled to be completed Nov/Dec. I am wondering...was there an option to have the central vacuum "roughed-in" so that the ducts are all installed but you can add a vacuum in the future? With all the upfront cost that are involved with a new home...having to pay Guardian 1/3 upfront an then a lump sum right after you just move in is really steep. Looking forward to reading your blog...thx.

ThriftyAmy said...

Good question. I have no idea if they would let it be roughed in, but I'm going to guess no. Please ask and let us know! FYI - my bill come in about 30 days after moving in, and is due 30 days from then. It's a standard bill, so I am thinking I can make installment payments on it or delay it a bit. There's no mention of penalty or interest for doing this. We moved in 4/1 and it's not "due" until 6/15.

JEllis JulieBean430@AOL.COM said...

Are they the ones that ad the speakers throughout the house? I love that feature.

ThriftyAmy said...

Yes, they add the speaker system in your walls.

Mike said...

Hi Amy,

My name is Mike, I'm in Philly and building a NV home (same company as Ryan). Congrats on your house! I'm sure by now your settled. I'm excited but a little stressed out for after my offer was accepted, I was given a huge list of further options that I didn't even think of! Did you upgrade more options after the fact? Were they negotiable? As for Guardian, I'm a technophile so I'm afraid about his bill! Hope all is well. Thanks.

ThriftyAmy said...

@ Mike - Interesting, I didn't know that they have a branch called "NV". Yes, we added a few options at the very last minute and it was after the time period we were told a penalty would apply, but the penalty got waived. I blogged about it somewhere here, lol! Guardian IMHO is pretty pricey and we didn't try to negotiate because there was very little we did through them.