Thursday, March 25, 2010

The carpet is in!

I made my daily trip there today. The carpet and all flooring is completely installed. There's lots of little patches made to the walls and touch up painting needs to be done. All of the lights are in and functioning. All appliances are in. All plumbing is done. Most of the cleaning has been done - except for vacuuming and dusting - lots of that needs to be done. The cracked window has been replaced too. I pressed my doorbell today - LOL!

Our "winter driveway" will be put in sometime over the next few days. This is something they do in our part of the country until the weather cooperates with no more snow and consistent warmer temperatures. The gravel and rocks that are in some of the pictures I've posted is what my driveway will be like until next month or the month after. They just have to add more of it so it's high enough for us to pull our cars into the driveway.

All of the options we picked from Guardian are installed also - but I am waiting to hear back from the service rep. on the delivery of some extras we did and how to operate some things. I call them this morning but haven't heard back yet.

We get our KEYS in 7 days!! Saturday morning we sign our paperwork with the title agency for our current home. There are 2 pieces of paper I need from that appointment to submit to the IRS to get my $6500 tax credit back. Gotta love that!!

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