Monday, March 15, 2010

Letter from title agency

This weekend we received the letter from our title agency stating when our new home orientation meeting will be (3/31) and our closing/keys to our new home will be. The date for closing was off by 1 day - so I called and it was no problem moving it up a day. The funds from our current home will be wired to them so we can close when we need to. You get your keys the afternoon of your closing. In this part of the county we do not have round-table closing, so this is why I can't take possession of the home the same day we transfer title on our old house. We're doing it the very next day - which is as fast as it's going to get here.

I stopped by the house again today. All cabinetry is in! All flooring (except carpet) is in! All doors are hung! All trim is in! All window sills are on! And all of the flooring is being protected by a layer of corrugated paper. Ask your project manager about keeping any of that so your floor can be protected when you move in. We're doing that and I think it's better than walking on old sheets.

Our project manager is really doing a great job communicating to us and staying on schedule!!

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