Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Now it really looks like a house - from the outside!

The siding and shutters are on! Lots of drywall hanging and finishing is going on - what a total mess in there! I can't believe that our house will be ready in just over 3 weeks! The weather here as been beautiful and it's helping to move things along. The installer from Guardian Technologies was there to work on the different systems we're getting from them.

As a side note - I bought 2 awesome TV's for the house from HHGregg today! Those guys were desperate to make a deal and I'm just the person to wheel-n-deal with them!


Robert said...

Were the guys from Guardian willing to install the TV's that you bought? I am building a Ryan home and will be meeting with Guardian soon.

ThriftyAmy said...

Robert - if I remember correctly, they might mount the TV's if you buy their TV mounts. We were lucky enough to have a good friend mount all of ours. AND, if you're in the market for TV mounts, the BEST deal out there is www.monoprice.com for mounts. NO ONE can touch their prices and the quality is A1. We bought 3 mounts from them, 2 stationary ones and 1 swivel. Our TV's range from 32 - 60".