Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oops - we have a problem...

Went to the house today - started b.s.-ing with the painters. One topic led to another and then I said, "so when are you guys going to paint it with the color we picked out". The guy looked at me and said, "this is pretty much the color. There's primer on here but it's going to be just like this color". I looked at him and said, "um, no - it's supposed to be tinted". One thing led to another and we both found out there was a problem. However he is communicated to about the paint didn't jive with with the paperwork posted in the house for reference to the trades working there. He felt this wouldn't delay our move-in date and it would be an error that would financially affect Ryan Homes and truly wouldn't affect us.

I left feeling somewhat confident all would be well. As I got into my car I saw my project manager. He was on his cell phone. I motioned over to him and said that there was a small problem - he looked at me as he was listening to the person on the other end of the phone and said "I already know, it will be ok". He was on the phone with the painter I was talking too. And just that quickly...all was well again.

More pictures to share

Kitchen and view of pantry

 Fireplace in 1st floor family room

Sneak peek of counter top/cabinet/floor in kitchen.


Megan Balaban said...

Amy - I am SO happy to have come across your blog! My husband and I are building virgins, too - and also about to set out on our first experience with Ryan Homes! From what I've read, you've been blessed with an amazing project manager! I hope we're as lucky. Also, do you happen to be building the Florence model? The pictures of your kitchen look awful similar to what we're going to build as well!

ThriftyAmy said...

Hi Megan - welcome to my blog! There's lots of pages of posts in here - make sure to read them all, they should help you tremendously. Yes, we are building a Florence.

Megan Balaban said...
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