Monday, March 29, 2010

The shorter the wait...the harder it gets

I'm not going back to the house until our final walk through on Wednesday. I last went on Sunday. It's getting hard to wait at this point. When I get stressed, I lose sleep. That officially happened today - up at 4:30am, and you can see I'm up late now. I doubt I'll sleep well until our first night on Friday - this is partially due to the fact that I'll be sleeping on our new mattress/box spring set (a really, really nice set), and the fact that we should be completely moved in at that point. I'm sure I'll just pass out once the adrenaline shuts off.

Thank God the weather forecast for our move days is being predicted for 70 degrees or better with full sun. Our internet service will be off beginning Friday and not turned on at our home until the following Friday. I know I'll go to a Wi-Fi hotspot in-between that time and I'll try to update the blog whenever I can.

Wish us luck! (I should be able to post something after Wednesdays inspection)

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