Friday, March 12, 2010

Things are moving FAST!!!

First coat of paint was put on all walls within 1 day this past week along with interior of closets and ceilings being painted. All cabinetry and doors have been delivered. Flooring is being installed today and this weekend. Next week all cabinets and counters will get installed. We can go in/out of our house whenever the contractors are there or if they're not there we can go to the model when it's open and get the key to our house!

I find myself going every day now to see measurable progress towards our move-in date. I also like seeing where the sun shines in at different times during the day in our house. I did notice one of the 2nd floor windows had a stress crack in it. My project manager called and already knew about it. It will get replaced right before our move-in.

Hardwood floor in dining room

Morning Room and view of back yard

1st floor family room with gas fireplace

The BEST quote we got for our home owner's insurance was from Liberty Mutual. Less than $300 for the year.

I've called the utility companies for our current home and have given them the switch over date.

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