Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time to look for home owner's insurance

Now is the time to begin the search for home owner's insurance. I'm getting 5 quotes. The prices vary widely. And everyone wants to quote you for auto insurance too. It's a bit time consuming.

The mortgage company has asked for all of the final documentation of our personal accounts. We've faxed that all over and now it's just time to wait for our closing which should be April 1st.


Britni said...

We have start our process of building our Ryan Home. We break ground this month. We have picked out all our colors and options. I was wondering what is the final documentation that you had to send over to the mortgage company? What have you found to be the best quote from the insurance companies?

ThriftyAmy said...

Hi Britni! Congratulations!! We had to give our mortgage company all pay stubs, bank statements, and a few other things to them from the time we broke ground to the present. The quotes I'm getting for insurance around around the $270 mark for the year. Liberty Mutual gave us the best quote so far and we've never had an account with hem.