Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who Am I?

Some have commented that they are "suspicious" of me. I would be too if I was reading this blog! But, I have pointed out both my positive and negative experiences with Ryan Homes thus far - and there's lots more time for me to settle into our home. I can continue writing this for up to the next year at least - which would be a fair assessment of our home and how it has held up the first year, don't you think? I've truly laid it all out there for all of you. My words are my honest words - and not a paid endorsement. The folks at Ryan Homes have no idea I am doing this. But, I will tell them once I am in my house - so I can help other potential folks in my same position. I like to be a resource for people and to help

Why not Google my screen name - ThrifyAmy - you'll see me around and what I'm about.

I'm a very open and honest person. I am not getting anything from Ryan Homes for doing this. I live in Ohio, and Ryan Homes is the #1 home builder here - check the BBB site. Being suspicious is good - you're being cautious, I'm not offended.

Why not be suspicious of all the "haters" of Ryan Homes? Don't you think they are trying to get something? Why do they have such an ax to grind? Are these the same people that always send their food back when in a restaurant for hopes of getting their meal discounted or free? Are these the same type of people that have nothing better to do than complain. Ryan Homes builds thousands of homes, I can't be the only happy customer - but I might be one of the very few that has taken this medium to express it. My ONLY hope is to help someone out there like me, who was looking for down to earth comments and a different perspective on all of this.


bdeandel said...

Thrifty...please don't let those negative folks out there deter you from doing something very positive and useful. Your information is a lot more useful then 50 negative comments that provide absolutely no useful information at all. My wife and I have already gotten a ton of useful information from your blog and just as you have, my wife and I will collect our own information and facts and make up our own minds about our own experience with Ryan or whatever builder we decide to go with. Again...THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

My customer service experience has taught that those who are dissatisfied will be the loudest and tell the most people. I am sure the home building experience is what you make it. My fear is that I know so little I could very easily be taken advantage of. I do wish you luck and will continue to watch to see how you enjoy your new home. I am a bit jealous as we will be putting it off for a year or so for financial reasons. Good luck and God Bless your new home.

Britni said...


You have done wonders for me with this blog. I have taken your advice and used it. When you said you updated the carpet pad we went ahead and did that too. During the winter months we drove around our new neighborhood and checked to see if there were any icicles hanging from the houses and there were not. This means that the heat is staying in.

They dug our basement yesterday and put int he footers. I will say we are very pleased so far with our experience with Ryan Homes. Our Contract Manager even told us the one problem he is having with the Venice houses and he said there is one wall pop. He also told us in the Florence he has a few issues with nail pops. These are easy fixes according to him.

Our Contract Manager told us to make sure we realy use the house in the first year to make sure we can find any issues so that they can fix it. What other home builders will come in and fix the problems?

Thanks again.

ThriftyAmy said...

@Britni - interesting info about the nail pop experience your project manager told you. I will update my blog with the time line of inspections that Ryan Homes gives after move in. I think it might be 30-45-90days and 1 year. But I will post it once I know for sure - a nice service indeed.

@bdeandel - thanks for the kind words

I'm glad I'm helping everyone

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your blog!! We are currently awaiting the beginning of our construction with Ryan.....we are in the Mid-Atlantic is due to start the middle of next month. Can't wait to go back and read your archives! Thanks for taking the time to do this! M.

Stuckey2010 said...

how is your venice progress?

FirstTimeBuilder said...

Hi, I am just starting to build a house with Ryan Homes as well and wondered if you could link back to me as well.

You can find my blog at

Anonymous said...

Ryan Homes knows about your blog. They keep pretty close tabs on everything posted about them on the internet. Thus, you will have very few problems, and any concerns and problems that you encounter will be taken care of in a timely fashion. You are a great tool in their marketing scheme. I have seen your blog before, and have been suspicious just as you have said others have been. Whether or not you are connected with Ryan Homes is an uncertainty to me, but if you are, mentioning things such as nail pops (a small issue) and the like would be the best route to take. It allows for a slightly less than perfect review, calming the fears of some who might question your motives. I speak from first hand experience and I can tell you Ryan Homes can act in a manner far different than what is described in your blog. Deceit is commonplace.

Anonymous said...

I agree that those who are unhappy make the most noise...and they are the ones who are the least likely to say anything when they first notice something is wrong. Instead, they wait till the problem gets bigger and act like it's someone else's fault. A house, no matter what the cost is a big investment and it is prudent on the buyers part to protect their investment. Watch closely over the entire process. That is the best way to avoid problems later on. If there are problems later on, don't hesitate on calling about it and be persistent! Unfortunately, we are in a society that lacks a lot of customer service. Therefore, the service reps don't care as much as we do about our problems so we need to make them care. All of this being said, I am in the process of buying a home with Ryan Homes and my experience has been completely pleasant thus far. In fact, we had been looking at homes for quite a while and been to several builders. We were, by far, treated better at Ryan Homes. I have done extensive research into Ryan Homes and I have come to the conclusion that the dissatisfied people are just that...dissatisfied, and all businesses have customers who are dissatisfied. As far as I am concerned, I feel very confident in moving forward with the build of my new house and I am anxious to move into it!