Sunday, March 28, 2010

Win some...lose some (4 days until move-in!)

I spoke to my sales agent. Here's the outcome of the 3 fees in question:
  1. The HOA of initiation fee of $1065 is wrong- there was an increase, but it was not effective with any sales that were under contract. Ours was under contract - but someone mistakenly charged us the new rate. That will get changed ASAP with our loan specialist once Ryan notifies them. Our charge will be $850
  2. Capital Contribution $150 - this stands. It is on our initial contract, but as $250. I didn't notice it during the dispute, but it's clearly there. We get a pro-rated rate of $150 based on when we're moving in. This fee has to be paid annually by all residents in our development. 
  3. HOA monthly pool/clubhouse fee - this stands. Again, it's in there. It shows $40 on my cost estimate sheet with Ryan. The nice part is that this is actually a little lower than stated. This is also something that all residents in our development have to pay on a monthly basis.
So, I'm a little embarrassed about points 2 & 3. They were disclosed, but among my mounds of paperwork, I wasn't able to find it - but it wasn't hidden at all. It really was clearly put on our initial paperwork. Our sales agent was very nice in discussing these 2 items. She was also upset that our initiation fee wasn't charged correctly.

As you can see, it costs alot to live in a community with an association.  Annual fees of approximately $730 for grounds maintenance, pool, and our promised 10,000 sq.ft. clubhouse with restaurant and fitness center. Supposedly our monthly pool/clubhouse fee is only supposed to increase by $5 once that clubhouse is built. Only time will tell...

All is well again - we went to the house and our temporary driveway is in. The gravel rocks are much smaller than what was initially on the driveway during construction and it's much more compact and graded up to the garage and front porch. It doesn't look like any interior work was done since Thursday. They still have to stain the stair railings, paint over the patches that were repaired, and do a final cleaning. Only 3 days until our  walk through meeting with our project manager on Wednesday and we get our keys Thursday afternoon!!!!!!!

And yes, packing is still going on and it sucks. As of today we are only using disposable plates, cups, and cutlery. Our house is almost completely boxed up. And we sold some more stuff on Craigslist - now were well over $2,000 worth of items sold!!

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