Friday, April 23, 2010

3 week update

Here's a quick update - the electrical issue persisted downstairs. Once I hooked up my surround sound system I began tripping the fuse. Called the builder and they sent the electrician out same day. The electrician changed the fuse and we haven't had an issue since. My project manager did say that since Ryan Homes changed over to some sort of new ground fault fuses that this sort of problem has become more and more common. It's a safety measure but I guess it comes with some annoyances to. Hopefully we won't have any more issues. Our yard was worked on yesterday with more leveling and back-filling. They're getting ready to install the lawns around here. I'm hoping our driveway will get installed soon too. I've noticed little things that I will point out at our 45 day inspection that will require some touch-ups and minor fixes. Nothing major - mostly painting issues.

I am a little disappointed with the tape/mud job they did in our garage. It's extremely low grade and not suitable for painting without going over it again with more mudding. I did talk to my project manager about it and he said this is their standard way of doing garages. This will be a project for us some time this Summer I think. We'd like the garage to look finished and be painted - not a stucco finish.

We were able to find a distributor to the public for the kitchen cabinets. I've ordered an additional set to be installed over our refrigerator. The area above the refrigerator is open and very large - 39hx29w. It looks awkward and like the cabinets are missing. They are also able to get you all of the accessories options that the cabinets can have.

That's all for now!


Megan Balaban said...

Do you mind sharing the cabinet distributor's information? We know for sure that we'd like a few of their accessories that we can't get standard through Ryan. Thanks!

ThriftyAmy said...

Hi Megan - here's the manufacturer's link:

Here's the local public distributor's info:

I live close enough to one of their locations that I am able to pick up my order rather than pay for shipping.

Good Luck!

Megan Balaban said...

Thanks Amy! There is a location literally five minutes from us - fabulous!!

Anonymous said...


I called several of the distributors in three different states listed in the link that you provided, and all of them said that they do not carry kitchen cabinets. Could you please tell me which specific distributor you used??


Dayna G.

ThriftyAmy said...

@ Dayna G. - I used the company that I provided the link for Alside. They have a few locations in Ohio. Contact Timerblake and tell them of the trouble you're having. They were very helpful to me. Good luck and thanks for stopping by my blog!