Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm so tired but so happy!!

I'm not sure where to start this post. There's so much to say. We've been really busy unpacking, putting things together, cleaning, keeping our 4 year old occupied, and trying to not be overwhelmed

Thursday went very well. We actually got the call from the title agency that our keys were ready for pick up around 11:00am. We had the funds from our old house wired to the title agency and maybe this is why we got our keys so much earlier that day.We rented a Uhaul and had for 24hours for a cost of only $80. A few of our friends and family help us load it and unload it. We did this about 3 times.

*Notes for YOUR move - make sure you have a small box set aside to load up each bathroom @ your new house with toilet paper and have soap available at each sink with a towel. Also, have plenty of waste baskets and garbage bags at your new house. I was lacking on these 2 points. Also, I asked our project manager where I could buy disposable carpet/floor protector. It's like saran wrap, sticky on the side you lay onto the floor. He said to go to Home Depot. We did this and it was so awesome to have on our floors. It's cost under $30 for a large roll of it. We made a path with it from the doors, up the stairs, and all of the walk ways we'd be using. We had cardboard on the hardwood floor areas because you couldn't use the sticky stuff on there.

Friday we had the professional movers come. There were 2 guys. I don't think they were slow - but it did take all day to load and unload. They started at 8:30a and ended at 3:30p. The truck was completely loaded. That cost us just over $760 for them. They were very nice and I felt they were doing a good job - until my husband showed me on of the walls that leads to the downstairs and they damage they did to it bringing down some furniture. They really did a number on it. It had lots of gouges and scrapes. I wasn't home when the
movers pointed out to my husband what had happened. They apologized and said that it happens sometimes. My husband, the nice guy that he is, let them off the hook. I would not had been that nice. So my husband spent that night repairing that wall, then yesterday he sanded it down, and now he's painting it.

Also on Friday there were loads and loads of dirt dumped on our property and the crew was busy back-filling. That made for lots of noise, dust, and traffic - but I'm not complaining! Although, they did break my cable line and I had to have the cable provider come back out Friday afternoon to run a new line - so much for having my line buried.

We are starting to see some nail pops already and one of our windows in a spare room has a stress crack. Our project manager warned us that this might all happen. I've also noticed some minor things here and there that I'll want repaired. Also, our windows seem very tight and a little hard to push up when we want them open. I put a call into the Service Center (which is who you call now that you're in your house). They sent out our project manager and the guy who comes out for these minor issues. They worked on getting them to slide easier.

We have had a few neighbors come over and introduce themselves. Everyone seems very nice! There must be 50 different light switches in this house and it's not obvious which switch turns out what. It's taking time to figure that out without going crazy!

That's all I have time for now. Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new home! When we moved into our house we had trouble sliding the windows open and closed, and the window company said that they recommend spraying just a bit of pledge on the window track, or spray on a cloth and wipe the track. It seemed to work...

floor protector said...

Congrats on the move and home. The sticky floor protector is great and there are lots of places to pick it up besides home depot. search online and you will find some great deals on it.

Bunny said...

I'm considering buying a Ryan Home and just wanted to say thank you for writing this blog! It seems like you're frank about the ups and downs you've experienced . . very helpful for me!

JEllis JulieBean430@AOL.COM said...

They say one of the benefits of buying a home is that the whole neighborhood is new so you are starting fresh with neighbors. How do you like that?