Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ok - this is our house "as-is". Lived in, not perfect, and not fully decorated. Our morning room table set is being delivered next week, our living room sectional is also coming next week.

Hallway upstairs to Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

Soaking tub in MB

walk-in MB closet (smaller because of 4th bedroom upgrade)

Morning Room/Kitchen

Unfinished part of basement with laundry room option

unfinished basement area (under morning room)

Living Room/fireplace (nice furniture, I know)

46" Samsung LED

Dining Room (and our dog!)

Family Room (basement) view from stairs & 58" Samsung plasma!

End of basement towards front of house. To the left is the optional closet and to the right is small closet to hide water meter, etc.

Optional 4th bedroom (instead of loft). This is the largest bedroom after the MB.

kiddo's playroom


bdeandel said...

Very nice pictures...was surprised to see the none-white walls.

ThriftyAmy said...

Yep - that was on of the upgrades we paid for. WELL WORTH IT. Thanks!