Friday, May 28, 2010

Today's my 45 day touch-up

We had our 45 day touch up. Not alot to be done. Adjust some doors that stick with the humidity, move a towel bar (lol!), adjust our shower door, fill in some nail holes they missed around a door frame...really not much more than that. I did have all of our painting requests due to nail pops listed but they don't do that until the 10 month mark. I didn't realize that. They said more than likely we'll get more nail pops. It's ok with me to wait. That puts us to February.

We had more dirt delivered by Ryan Homes and more back-filling is going on. We should have our lawn and sprinkler system put in at the end of next week - depending on the weather.

We checked out our pool and clubhouse area today - it looks AWESOME!! It opens tomorrow for the season. Our neighborhood has a big party going on tomorrow too - big enough that 2 port-o-potties are put into an empty lot for everyone to use rather than going into other people's houses or having to go back home. It's going to be a GREAT weekend around here and hopefully the 1st of many fun times this Summer!!

And when you move to YOUR new house, watch for all the "welcome to the neighborhood" offers from local business. There's lots of free stuff in those mailer, like coupons for free food, hair services, % off at stores, etc. It's a neat little perk that comes with moving!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What about you?

I've had some readers email me off board asking me to ask in my blog about the people who are following it. I'd love to hear from YOU!

#1 Where are you building your Ryan home?
#2 What style are you building?
#3 What have you learned from your building experience with Ryan?
#4 What have you found most informative from this blog?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pictures and a word about towel bars and empty spaces

I don't think I mentioned this, but if I had to do it all over again, I would tell the crew where the towel bars in the bathroom should be mounted - if even mounted at all.

All of the towel bars are 24", and they are all mounted above the toilets. If you are doing this in a bathroom with a shower, you don't want this towel bar above the toilet. There's not enough clearance for a standard bath towel to hang down without having 1/2 of it laying on top of the toilet tank. (see pic)

For the bathrooms without a shower, a 24" towel bar is too long (see pic), and also an inconvenience to have above the toilet. I prefer it on the wall next to the sink. My 4yr. old can't reach the towel when she's done washing her hands without pulling the whole towel off the bar.

We bought a small round hand towel holder for in our master bath.

**Also, by putting the towel bar above the toilet, you eliminate the space normally reserved for a wall cabinet. We went back to our friends at Alside to order matching (Timberlake oak Natural Finish) medicine cabinets for both of our full baths. We'll be removing the towel bar from it's current spot in the guest full bath that's above the toilet so we can mount the cabinet. We'll move that towel bar to the wall across from the toilet and then put a small round towel bar next to the sink like in the master bath.

We also ordered base cabinets for in our master bathroom. See the big, ugly, empty space below - it's 30" wide!

Next on my agenda was to install cabinets above the refrigerator. There's a HUGE space, 30"w x 24"d that is bare (this is a picture of the model - I didn't have one of our house). At the model, you can see they decided to decorate on top of the refrigerator, that's not quite my style. I'm all about function, purpose, and practicality. I want more storage!

Here's a picture of how ours now looks - with the exception of the missing door, it arrived damaged and we'll be getting a new one this week.

And here's something fun - cabinet knobs and pulls! I always find the coolest stuff at the best prices on eBay. I got 30 of these fleur di lis pulls for under $40 TOTAL!! I had the coolest pulls at our old house too, which was a eBay find. We're decorating the kitchen/morning room area in a Tuscan theme and we thought these fit that theme perfectly!


And lastly, here's our doggie doo-doo patch of grass!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Got a dog? Try sod!

Here's a cool tip! We spent about $50 for a nice sized square area of sod going out of our patio doors. This will keep our dog from getting muddy paws and will give us a nice small contained area for doing his business. And, it's already worked for us!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Move-in Tip

Here's a tip I almost forgot to share: get a cleaning person to clean your house shortly after you move in. We hired someone for a monthly cleaning of our home. Her first day was 2 weeks after move-in. The timing was perfect and she really did a great job cleaning up after the dust and dirt of move in happens and there's still so much construction dust on the fans and such when you first get in too. She came back for her 2nd month this week and there's still plenty of dust around here because our lawn isn't in yet. It's well worth it to get this done! I LOVE coming home after she's been here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's not a mistake

Boo hoo - it's not a mistake. There only 1 wall outlet in the garage. It's my understanding that I have version 3 of the Florence. Maybe some of you out there have a later version which might include cabinets above the refrigerator and some other features that weren't standard in our home? It's nice to know that Ryan does make improvements to their building plans as the year goes along. I was the recipient of some of the perks in the early stages of my building too.

If you're in the market for garage organization products, you've got to check out Rubbermaid's new Fast Track system Rubbermaid Fast Track.We put this on one side of our garage and the Closetmaid wire shelves on the other. One of these days we'll get this house organized - SO much to do!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Only 1 outlet?!?!

The garage only has 1 outlet? Really, only 1 lonely outlet. We're currently having our garage interior finished and painted. The guy who's doing it pointed this out. I couldn't believe it! There's plenty of outlets in the house, but only 1 in the garage is really skimpy. I'm going to ask if this is standard - I guess there's a small possibility this is a mistake, but it's probably not likely.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Driveway and sidewalk part 2 & making new friends

The driveway and sidewalk were cut out yesterday and are being poured as I type this. Since yesterday we've been unable to park in our driveway. This will last for the next 10 days or so. If you're getting a sprinkler system you can ask your project manager and the concrete guys to lay the piping under neath your driveway and sidewalk so the sprinkler installer will have an easier time fishing their equipment under everything. We're having that done too.

The next step will be getting our lawn put in and sprinklers.

We've begun to meet more neighbors and have been invited to the 2nd annual corn-hole tournament that neighborhood has over Memorial Day weekend. Periodically a flyer shows up in our mailbox telling us of these events. There's even a directory that one of our neighbors has put together listing everyone who lives here, their email address, if the family has kids and their ages, etc. We are so lucky to have found such a great community!!