Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's not a mistake

Boo hoo - it's not a mistake. There only 1 wall outlet in the garage. It's my understanding that I have version 3 of the Florence. Maybe some of you out there have a later version which might include cabinets above the refrigerator and some other features that weren't standard in our home? It's nice to know that Ryan does make improvements to their building plans as the year goes along. I was the recipient of some of the perks in the early stages of my building too.

If you're in the market for garage organization products, you've got to check out Rubbermaid's new Fast Track system Rubbermaid Fast Track.We put this on one side of our garage and the Closetmaid wire shelves on the other. One of these days we'll get this house organized - SO much to do!


Megan Balaban said...

Amy - I know I mentioned this in another comment, but thought it would fit well here for other readers of yours.

We're building Version 4 of the Florence. My understanding is that these are the changes to version 4:

- Backup battery sump pump
- All doors are swing-outs, no bi-folds anywhere
- Architectural shingles on roof
- Finished garage
- Cabinets above fridge

Sadly, the one outlet in the garage is still standard in the v4 model.

ThriftyAmy said...

I wonder if the base price increased with those new standards? I would have loved to have saved my $$ and have gotten those items for free. We don't have a sump pump but I paid to get my garage finished and the cabinets above fridge.

Megan Balaban said...

Not sure about that - and I'm sure base prices are different from communinity to community, so not sure if we could even compare. I do know that within two weeks of signing our purchase agreement, the Florence base price in our community increased by $5,000. This was due to increased sales (7 homes were sold in April alone). But I am not sure what happened to the base when they went from v3 to v4.