Sunday, May 9, 2010

Only 1 outlet?!?!

The garage only has 1 outlet? Really, only 1 lonely outlet. We're currently having our garage interior finished and painted. The guy who's doing it pointed this out. I couldn't believe it! There's plenty of outlets in the house, but only 1 in the garage is really skimpy. I'm going to ask if this is standard - I guess there's a small possibility this is a mistake, but it's probably not likely.

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Britni said...

We were walking through our house yesterday and I looked in the garage and sure enough there was one outlet. I told my husband he will be needing to put more in. Which is fine he is able to do that. Also, I know in an earlier post you put something about that you didn't get any cabinets above your fridge and when we were in there yesterday there was cabinets above where the fridge goes. I know that we have the next version of the floor plans. So we have a lot of updates that are now standard.