Friday, May 28, 2010

Today's my 45 day touch-up

We had our 45 day touch up. Not alot to be done. Adjust some doors that stick with the humidity, move a towel bar (lol!), adjust our shower door, fill in some nail holes they missed around a door frame...really not much more than that. I did have all of our painting requests due to nail pops listed but they don't do that until the 10 month mark. I didn't realize that. They said more than likely we'll get more nail pops. It's ok with me to wait. That puts us to February.

We had more dirt delivered by Ryan Homes and more back-filling is going on. We should have our lawn and sprinkler system put in at the end of next week - depending on the weather.

We checked out our pool and clubhouse area today - it looks AWESOME!! It opens tomorrow for the season. Our neighborhood has a big party going on tomorrow too - big enough that 2 port-o-potties are put into an empty lot for everyone to use rather than going into other people's houses or having to go back home. It's going to be a GREAT weekend around here and hopefully the 1st of many fun times this Summer!!

And when you move to YOUR new house, watch for all the "welcome to the neighborhood" offers from local business. There's lots of free stuff in those mailer, like coupons for free food, hair services, % off at stores, etc. It's a neat little perk that comes with moving!

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