Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What about you?

I've had some readers email me off board asking me to ask in my blog about the people who are following it. I'd love to hear from YOU!

#1 Where are you building your Ryan home?
#2 What style are you building?
#3 What have you learned from your building experience with Ryan?
#4 What have you found most informative from this blog?


Stuckey2010 said...

Massillon Ohio

I love your blog. Please keep updates coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Fairborn Ohio
Not building yet- still doing my research and this blog has been a great help. First of all, because of other negative things on the internet- this blog is very honest- good and not-so good. Fortunately, the good outweighs things. Also, since I'm meeting with my rep again this weekend, you have pointed out alot of things I didn't even consider. Extra carpet padding, utility sink, lighting. Thank you!
-DR said...

Love your blog! I randomly came across it online and have since read all your posts. My fiancé and I just signed paperwork and made final selections on our new Ryan Home on 5/18 in Sykesville, MD. The model is the Fairgate (townhouse). We are still early on in the process. This is a brand new community and they haven't even broke ground yet. Our salesperson has been great (so far) and is very responsive. I loved reading some of the little gotchas (placement of towel bars, empty spaces, etc) you encountered. Obviously you can't think of every question to ask a salesperson. I have since asked our salesperson about locations of towel bars and empty space above the refrigerator. Keep up the blog! It is very informative.

Megan Balaban said...

Painesville Twp, Ohio

Love your blog and thanks to you, I've been able to ask questions ahead of time of stuff that you've encountered (i.e. one outlet in the garage - now we'll have FOUR!). Love the sod suggestion! Thanks!!

ThriftyAmy said...

@Meghan Balaban - Yeah!! Someone is building a Florence! We really like ours. I so WISH I knew about the outlets before now.

Anyone tell their rep. about the blog?

Megan Balaban said...

Amy - I keep looking back at all your pictures during construction. I just can't wait! I love your blog even MORE since I can totally relate to your house! :) I haven't told our rep about your blog. I am also writing my own, just to capture the memories of this adventure, and haven't mentioned it to them, either. Not sure why ... just haven't.

bdeandel said...

Megan...would love to follow your blog as well...please post a link here so we can all get to it and enjoy it...Thanks in advance

Megan Balaban said...

I know you've already commented on my blog (glad you found it), but here is my link. Hope you don't mind, Amy!

olenal said...

We are building an Armstrong near Pittsburgh, PA (Ohio Township) in the Cobblestone Community and are very excited.

Mortgage was just approved yesterday and I think we are moving in in October... everything you have said has been helpful (and fun to read). I love the idea about the grass in the backyard for the puppy with temporary steps.

Our sales rep is awesome! In fact, we weren't even planning on building yet, just in the fact finding mode and ended up selling our home (wasn't even on market yet) and buying this one in about a week. Whew! The free stainless appliances were definitely a perk. I look forward to reading more!

J Vaughn said...

Beavercreek Twp, OH

I close on June 23rd!!

David said...

Thanks for this website. There is so much negative about Ryan. People seldom take time to give an honest review and mention positives. They have built 300,000+ homes and 100 people on the internet are complaining. We just signed our purchase agreement last week for a house in Ohio and we are very excited.

David said...

Oh, and we are building the Ravenna model in North Ridgeville Ohio. So far, I have been very impressed with both the model rep and NVR as well. This blog has been very nice and gives you little things to think about. Tomorrow we make the final selections for siding and shutters and all of that. We haven't met with Guardian yet. That will be next week.

AJP said...

I have been following your blog, privately, for some time now and am so grateful for all of the information you've put up. Its really awesome.

I'm looking to build in Joppa MD, the Naples home.
We haven't signed any agreements yet, although, we have scheduled an appointment to meet with our Sales Rep this Sunday to get some more information and costs on certain things.
I've started my own blog as well, with hopes that it'll be just as helpful and entertaining as your is!

Noey814 said...

Concord, NC

The Milan

We just put an offer in and are waiting on a counter.

I love your blog! I'm blogging about our process too!

ThriftyAmy said...

@Noey814 - welcome to the world of Ryan Homes and blogging! Congratulations!!!