Monday, June 21, 2010

12 weeks

We've just about hit the 12 week mark. Had their service crew come out and adjust a few more doors that were sticking. Also, our shower door needed service. There is a crack in our walkway leading to the front door. It's not very noticeable but we've got it documented and they will watch it and replace it. I'm still waiting on an update for our lawn installation - but we're not the only one's. Our neighbor hasn't had her's put in and there's others in the neighborhood without it too. And, I'm still waiting for our front door to be painted the correct color. There's no good reason for it to have taken this long - lucky for us the color on our door now is very similar to what it's supposed to be.

Did I mention that the matching wall vanities were put up in the 2 upstairs bathrooms and the base cabinets were installed in our master bath? So much more of a finished look now. We have a great handyman who does this stuff for us at a very reasonable cost.

If you are lucky enough to move into a development with a pool - and love to be outdoors and in the water as much as we do, I hope you get to experience the type of amenities we have at our pool. They actually have a snack bar with plenty of food choices and just about any drink choice - including adult beverages - you could ask for! It's so awesome!! They even let you set up an account with your credit card and you can charge it each time you're there instead of remembering to bring money or your wallet. You can bring any sort of pool floats and rafts there. We've got 2 water slides that are big enough for adults. Our daughter can go down them with her arm floats on. We probably spend 95% of our time at that end of the pool because of it! About once a month they have a DJ with a pool party and games for the kids too.

They are still building like crazy in our development. We've met a few people at work or other social events that either know someone in our development or are building here themselves. We talked to some other residents who have been here 2 - 3 years and they have great things to say about their house and Ryan Homes service when needing issues addressed. One person built with Premier in the city we moved from and he had horrible comments about his experience with them.

I'll be attending our 1st community association meeting this week and am interested to hear about possible expansions and other plans for our development.

Until my next post - I hope you've found all of this helpful in your journey to home building!

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Anonymous said...

I've been reading for a while now, we started our paperwork last Dec. and had our walk-thru demo yesterday! Can't wait to move in! Our settlement is next week. It's been fun to read your story as we were creating ours :o)