Friday, June 4, 2010


Ugh - the weather has not been kind to us. I don't know when our lawn will get put in. On more positive note we had the person who will be designing our landscaping here this week. I'm excited to see how our vision turns out when all is said and done. You can have your landscaping beds put in before or after your lawn is installed. At this point I don't know what will happen first.

I never mentioned this - because I thought it might be too go to be true and I didn't want them to be taken away (LOL!), but one of our bathroom faucets got the upgraded faucet and we got an upgraded flush mount dome light that was supposed to be just one of the plain versions. Those were both nice little surprises the day we moved in! Only 2 bathrooms were supposed to get the more expensive faucet. Maybe you will be left with a couple of nice surprises too when you get into your home!


Anonymous said...

Just wondering how your air conditioning is working and if you are having any spots in your house that are not cooling the same. Have read stuff about shoddy duct work and just wondered what you have found. Also, have you had any issues with water in your basement or lower level?

ThriftyAmy said...

@ Anon: Hmm...I haven't noticed any hot spots in our home. I'm going to pay closer attention to this now and will report back if I notice anything. But, with that being said, we do have a colonial - and we all know heat rises. I do have rooms that tend to be warmer than others, but those are upstairs and catch alot of sun. When I use my window treatments in our Master Bedroom I am able to create a noticeable difference in how warm it gets in there. No water in our basement or dampness that I noticed, but I will look closely later and report back too.

J Vaughn said...

I found out that they installed kitchen cabinet crown molding...that I definitely didn't pay for. Woo!