Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update about lawn install

The company installing the lawns for Ryan Homes called me the next morning. He knew exactly why I was calling, admitted and took full responsibility for the mix-up. When I got home, someone already came and marked out the underground utility lines in preparation for the sprinkler system install. We'll be getting our system installed next week and the lawn install completely redone.

After your house is built and the yard is done being back-filled make sure you take a look at any utility boxes that are on your property. Between my house and the one next door to us there is a large green electrical box and a phone box and cable box on each side of it. The subcontractor that Ohio Edison used to install the box and pad these are on put it well below grade. These boxes almost look as though they are going to be underground. They are not supposed to be this low into the ground. Ryan Homes has nothing to do with this. You have to call Ohio Edison and have them come out and inspect. Yesterday they came out and agreed it will need to be lifted. Ohio Edison will arrange for this to happen.

Hopefully I will have an update in about a week on the lawn and sprinkler system!

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