Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We now have a Sprinkler System!

Communication still lacking....didn't know this was happening today...but we now have a sprinkler system! The guys who installed it were great! They also pointed out the difference between our system and ones our neighbors have. If you are going to do this, make sure to get plenty of estimates and include the company that is doing work already in your development for your builder.

One tip, the sprinkler system heads should be plentiful and always be across from each other. Example, your tree lawn should have a head at the curb facing the house and a head at the sidewalk, facing the curb. Some companies cheap out on you and only put one at the sidewalk edge. Your system will run more efficiently having them both ways. We upgraded our sprinkler system and not only had it installed in the front yard, but also the back yard and both sides of the house.

Almost of all our landscaping is done. The guy who did this really achieved the look I was wanting. I wanted lots of color and "pop" to our landscape. I hate green shrubs, evergreens, etc. My previous landscape included lots of unique and hard to find plants. We did the same for here. There's nothing like it on our street and that how I wanted it! Finally some color and personality to the yard - YEAH!!

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