Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Property Records

Did you know that even with new construction homes you can go to your local county/city auditor's website to look up the property transfers? Kinda neat to see the purchase amounts of the houses in our neighborhood and on our street. Even for the same model house - the prices vary widely from one house to the next!

Landscaping thought - be mindful of your dryer vent. We had a hydrangea bush planted in front of the dryer vent (unknowingly) and watched it go from healthy, to withered, to healthy, and then back to withered - until we realized why - DUH! It's now been moved and is living well somewhere else in our yard!

Tomorrow the correction to the grade of our lawn on the side of our house is supposed to be done so the electrical box doesn't look like it's in a sink hole. I'll let you know how it goes.

I don't know if you've ever felt this way while waiting for your lawn to come in, but I can not tell you how bad I want to walk through nice, lush grass in my barefeet - and can't because my grass isn't so lush and there's not much to it!!! Patience is not my best quality! And this lawn growing is really trying my patience!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

That darn electrical box!

Still waiting for resolution on that electrical box between our house and my neighbor. After many phone calls, and broken promises by Ohio Edison, there was a meeting at our house with the builder, the land developer, and Ohio Edison. We all stood outside and looked at the obvious mess we have with this box being so low into the ground. As it stands right now, our builder will do what it takes to make the situation right. I truly do not believe it's their fault, but the alternative methods of correction will create a much bigger mess for us. There will be some regrading done and then patch work to our new lawn over there. I'll update the blog as this gets worked on.

The lawn is coming in, slowly but surely. We did have to have the irrigation installer come out twice - once for a head that wouldn't go back down and once for a pipe leaking on the outside. They came out within 24 hours of me letting them know of the issue. Grant it, they're doing alot of work in our development and it's really easy for them to come here since they're already around. But I do think their response time would still be good even if it wasn't for that. They seem very attentive to their customers. Make sure you pay attention to any low spots in your lawn that are collecting water. We've had some of that at the back edge of our property line and since the builder was responsible for putting in our lawn, they've come out to do some patch work to correct it. It's a very nice service to be able to call your builder for all of these minor issues - whether it's inside the home or out - to have them come and correct them.

We're still dumping plenty of water from that humidifier too.

For the next 3 weeks we have our first house guests staying with us. I can't wait to show them our new home and it will be so nice have all this extra room for everyone to make themselves comfortable in!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sprinkler Systems and a discount on your sewer bill

One additional piece of info on a sprinkler system. Many cities will discount your sewer bill if you install a sprinkler system. Where I live, this is not the case because we pay a flat rate - not based on water usage. You might want to look into this if you are considering a sprinkler system or already have one installed. The county next to us does offer a discount.

*And, if you want a sprinkler system - try to get it installed BEFORE you finish your basement. We didn't, which means our timer unit is on the side of the house. Had I known to do this prior to finishing the basement, I could have had the timer/control box installed in our garage or elsewhere within the house. I really regret this during this time of trying to grow grass. If I want to make any adjustments to the box, I am forced to walk in my flower beds on the mulch so that I don't make footprints in our newly planted lawn - it's just a pain, but a temporary one.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lawn, Sprinklers, and Electric

The lawn was installed today and the sprinkler company came back out to set everything up for massive watering now!

The company that did our sprinkler/irrigation system is really a good one. The workers were really nice and the owner is very hands on. They are BBB accredited and certified in all of the important aspects of lawn irrigation. It's really a top notch company with best of the best equipment and personnel. Check them out at Irrigation Pro Inc.

We have been monitoring our electric bills - what a difference a new house makes - so much better efficiency! Our most recent bill is roughly $100 and that's with a good amount of time with our AC running too. I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised! Next month's bill should be interesting with the addition of the dehumidifier and even more AC running time. I'm prepared for an increase, we'll see how much though.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Basement update

I've heard from alot of you on and off board about the basement issue. I'm happy to say that my concerns have passed and all is well with the dehumidifier situation. We've been running it non-stop, dumping water, and our basement smells fresh and the temperature and humidity levels are where they should be. Whew! I really appreciate everyone's input on this situation.

Now if we could just get our lawn (re)installed.......at least we have our landscaping done around the house - what a time to do it though - so much watering is involved with this 90 degree heat!

Friday, July 2, 2010

New homes and dehumidifiers

I'm curious to know how many of you run a dehumidifier in your basement? We recently ran into some issues, which I'm still trying to grasp, and it has to do with our new basement and running a dehumidifier.

The first couple of months we had no issues in our basement. During the last week or so, our basement has gone from cool and dry to humid and musty smelling. Our project manager said we need to run a dehumidifier. He said he still runs his in his basement and his house is 7 years old. We've been running one for the last few days and are dumping lots of water out of it. The trouble spot seems to be the extra closet I have under the basement stairs. If you remember in my earlier posts, this was an upgrade we did. This area is quite damp and even has some mold because we didn't catch this issue early enough. We have since removed all items from this closet and are running the dehumidifier day and night. I've talked to some other home owners here and have gotten mixed comments - some say they were told to do this from the time they moved in and others look quite surprised.

I do know that some of this is to be expected - the house is still settling and going through all of the various temperature levels and humidity levels inside and out. But I am concerned. This dehumidifier thing is new to me. Our previous house was a 30yr. old bi-level and we never ran a dehumidifier. The last thing I want is for a musty smelling basement and problems with using my storage space.

**And before you ask - no this is not black mold. This was mold that was easily wiped off the dry wall and some of our personal belongings.