Monday, July 12, 2010

Sprinkler Systems and a discount on your sewer bill

One additional piece of info on a sprinkler system. Many cities will discount your sewer bill if you install a sprinkler system. Where I live, this is not the case because we pay a flat rate - not based on water usage. You might want to look into this if you are considering a sprinkler system or already have one installed. The county next to us does offer a discount.

*And, if you want a sprinkler system - try to get it installed BEFORE you finish your basement. We didn't, which means our timer unit is on the side of the house. Had I known to do this prior to finishing the basement, I could have had the timer/control box installed in our garage or elsewhere within the house. I really regret this during this time of trying to grow grass. If I want to make any adjustments to the box, I am forced to walk in my flower beds on the mulch so that I don't make footprints in our newly planted lawn - it's just a pain, but a temporary one.


bdeandel said...

Surprised to hear they couldn't install the control box in the garage. My parents had a sprinkler system installed after they moved into their house and the control box is installed in the garage. Did you mean before you finished your garage...if I remember correctly didn't you say your garage has wallboard installed. Even if the wallboard is already installed they most likely still could have installed it in the garage. Regardless...this is another great tip to keep in mind. Meant to ask this before...was the installation of the sprinkler system an option provided by Ryan Homes or did you have to do this on your own?

ThriftyAmy said...

It was the basement - I'm positive, because he mentioned that most people don't finish their basement right away and they didn't know we had finished ours. We've got a sprinkler head that isn't going down, so when they come back, I'm going to ask for further info on this. It was information overload when he showed me how to run the system.

This was never was mentioned as an option (sprinkler system) through Ryan Homes. But I did ask our project manager for a referral. We bid it out, and the company that had the best bid in our opinion was who Ryan Homes referred me to.

Kristine said...

I just wanted to say thank you for this Blog! It inspired me to write my own experience of building a Ryan - and it has made me feel better about our decision to go with Ryan! Thanks! :-)

ThriftyAmy said...

@Kristine - glad you like the blog! Good luck with your home building adventure!!