Wednesday, July 21, 2010

That darn electrical box!

Still waiting for resolution on that electrical box between our house and my neighbor. After many phone calls, and broken promises by Ohio Edison, there was a meeting at our house with the builder, the land developer, and Ohio Edison. We all stood outside and looked at the obvious mess we have with this box being so low into the ground. As it stands right now, our builder will do what it takes to make the situation right. I truly do not believe it's their fault, but the alternative methods of correction will create a much bigger mess for us. There will be some regrading done and then patch work to our new lawn over there. I'll update the blog as this gets worked on.

The lawn is coming in, slowly but surely. We did have to have the irrigation installer come out twice - once for a head that wouldn't go back down and once for a pipe leaking on the outside. They came out within 24 hours of me letting them know of the issue. Grant it, they're doing alot of work in our development and it's really easy for them to come here since they're already around. But I do think their response time would still be good even if it wasn't for that. They seem very attentive to their customers. Make sure you pay attention to any low spots in your lawn that are collecting water. We've had some of that at the back edge of our property line and since the builder was responsible for putting in our lawn, they've come out to do some patch work to correct it. It's a very nice service to be able to call your builder for all of these minor issues - whether it's inside the home or out - to have them come and correct them.

We're still dumping plenty of water from that humidifier too.

For the next 3 weeks we have our first house guests staying with us. I can't wait to show them our new home and it will be so nice have all this extra room for everyone to make themselves comfortable in!

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