Monday, August 2, 2010

More about the lawn

My husband mowed the lawn Sunday for the 1st time. It's starting to really come in nicely now that I look at it. We still have our sprinkler system going - now 2x a day rather than 3x a day. We also put down some fertilizer, but no weed & feed. I heard we shouldn't do that this early in our lawn growing, even though we do have weeds. I honestly don't know much about how to take care of this new lawn and am disappointed in the lack of info the installer provided. I wouldn't recommend them - not just because of that, but you can see my frustrations with them in my previous posts too.

The area around the electrical box got corrected - but it remains to be seen if this is going to work. I'm concerned that the grading will now cause puddling of rain water in the new low spots. We have already had some touch up work done on some other parts of our lawn, and will call on this if need be too. I'm really glad the lawn is part of the builder's responsibility so we're able to get some help with these issues.

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