Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A thought about your mortgage

Last month we contacted our mortgage company and decided to do bi-weekly payments. We added a little extra to our every 2 week payment, are on an automatic withdrawal schedule from our lender, and cut our mortgage term to just over 20 years. I'm really happy that we're able to do this and it doesn't feel so daunting that we now only have 20 years left to pay on this house instead of 30!

Everything inside the house is going well. I had a much anticipated moment earlier this week - we finally got 1 of our cars into the garage! That took forever! We have so much stuff that was outside stuff from our old house. Our old house also had a shed. Now all of that stuff is in our garage and it made it hard to try and get a car in there. We sold some big stuff and made room for my van.

We went to the paint supplier for Ryan Homes - ICI - and got a gallon of the wall paint they used in here (Classic Ivory), a can of the door/accent color paint, and a can of the white molding paint for the interior. We need to do more touch ups and went through almost all of the starter cans of paint they gave us.

I love it when my readers/followers ask me questions and give me feedback. Got something to say? Post it and I'll answer it as best I can!

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