Saturday, December 11, 2010

I forgot to share this...MONOPRICE.COM!

OMG - I forgot to tell you guys about a website we used when we bought all of our wall mounts for the TV's. It's called Monoprice. You simply can NOT beat their prices on all of your audio/video/networking/security/gaming/computer needs. Check their site out for every accessory imaginable for TV's, computers, surround sound, Wii, etc! Here's what I paid last March for our TV mounts and Wii charger:

  • Adjustable Tilting/Swiveling Wall Mount Bracket for LCD Plasma (Max 110Lbs, 32~50inch) - BLACK $47.50
  • Ultra-Slim Adjustable Tilting Wall Mount Bracket for LCD Plasma (Max 165Lbs, 23~37inch) - BLACK $14.96
  • Ultra-Slim Adjustable Tilting Wall Mount Bracket for LCD Plasma (Max 165Lbs, 37~63inch) - BLACK $17.58
  • Premium QUAD Charging Dock w/ (4) Rechargeable (Li-ion) Batteries and Modified battery covers for Wii $25.82
With shipping the cost of all 4 items was $136.xx!!! Is that not insane? Does that not show you how much Best Buy, HHGregg, etc. marks up their TV mounts!?!? These mounts are well constructed, heavy and I've had no problems with any of them. The person who installed them couldn't believe what I paid - so I had to show him my receipt! I LOVE the tilting/swiveling wall mount that is in our living room. It's nice to be able to move the TV towards the kitchen for viewing. Monoprice has a great reputation. I purchased a cable I needed from them about a week or so ago - for $3! You have to check it out if you care about saving money on these types of things! I'm a super-savvy price shopper and love sharing this kind of stuff. 

BTW - my blog roll is really filling up - cool! 

Our 10 month inspection is in February. I'll definitely post about that when the time comes.


India and Corey said...

Thanks Amy!!!! We will definitely use this site!!!!! And Yes the blogs are really taking off!!! lol I try to update as much as possible....Thanks for adding me!! Have a good weekend!! :)

k m said...

I can't speak for everyone, but I started my blog because I was inspired by yours and I think your blog roll is how many people find mine. So thanks!

India and Corey said...

Same here! :)

ThriftyAmy said...

Thanks fellow Ryan Home builders - I'm glad we're all having fun with this blog stuff!

FirstTimeBuilder said...

That is a great site! We actually just ordered all our cable and ethernet face plates from there about 2 weeks ago for the house. One of my friends had told me about it and it is waaayyy cheaper then going to anywhere else.

BD said...

We have finally jumped into the fray. Follow us as we document our experience here:

mike.stanton said...

Hi Amy, can you add my new Ryan Homes blog to your list please - I think everyone will like it. I made a website documenting the building of our Waverly model from beginning to end with lots of pictures. We closed at the end of May 2010.