Monday, January 24, 2011

10 month inspection

Our 10 month inspection was today. The guys were here for almost 6 hours. I'm very happy with the outcome and the workers were all very friendly and nice to talk with. They corrected everything on my list and then some. They did more then expected and I feel like I have a brand new house again! Lots of painting was done. Luckily the walls I painted with our own colors did not require any repairs - keep this in mind when painting. Those walls are the morning room center wall, the wall with the fireplace, and the full bath upstairs (not master bath). Here's what I had done (short version).
  • Kitchen - nail pop in ceiling by pantry, repair seam in vinyl floor by refrigerator, counter top coming away from wall, touch up painting needed
  • Living Room - nail pops near right window
  • Dining Room - touch up painting
  • 1st floor bathroom - touch up painting
  • Stairs to upper level and lower level - lots of nail pops and touch up painting needed
  • Some wall seams needed fixed near corners in lower level and moulding/trim needed touched up
  • The seam for the ledge on the upper level stairs needed repair
  • Pipe noises from HVAC system
  • Seam cracks where ceiling meets wall
  • Caulking around all windows including ledge, caulking around tubs where it meets floor
The pantry issue is something I believe I'm going to learn to live with. If you have a Venice, you'll notice the same issue in a closet upstairs according to the guys today ( I don't know which one since I have a Florence). The best solution to this is to leave that door open a little bit each day and/or to run the Fan option on your HVAC unit over night to help circulate the air. This will also help with the uneven heating/cooling you might experience in your house. We did those 2 suggestions while the guys were there and then had the temperature checked with a laser type tool on each wall - all over the house. It was a useful demonstration for us. It made a big difference in how the temperature regulated itself in that pantry.

Our walkway to the front door will be replaced in the Spring and possibly the small front porch. Those both have cracks with were documented prior to today. We had some nails sticking up from our roof shingles, those were taken care of. They did insulation work outside around the fireplace area and filled in any cracks that were noticed outside on the house that was above grade exposed cement. They found other minor repairs throughout the house which I am thankful for. All in all, a very positive experience and they even showed us how to do some minor repairs.

We got some referrals from them of people that can do some work in the house that we've been thinking about having done and also for our patio and pergola we want done this Spring. 10 month inspection and repair is going on right now!!!

Lots of guys working here as I type this - must be at least 6 or 7. LOTS of blue painters tape all over. This part has been very good so far.....will post later....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Utility Bills/Taxes etc.

We're in the middle of Winter here, that's for sure! We've been pleasantly surprised with our utility bills. In December our gas bill was $50 and electric was $30. In January our bill for gas is $88 and electric is $38. Looking back at our utility costs last year for our former house we were paying close to $300 or more!!

I would say our usage is probably pretty average. We use our gas fireplace a fair amount of time and keep our thermostat programmed pretty low at night and when we're not home. And our house now is alot more "tighter" then the old house!

Our taxes here are pretty low too. We pay our property taxes separate from our mortgage. Right now they are $400 a half. We compared this with our old property and it's about $200 less a year. The neighboring county is upwards of $2400 a half!!

Our 10 month inspection is in a couple of weeks. Ryan Homes contacted us a week or so ago to get this scheduled. They said they would be at our house on average 4 hours or more on this day. We haven't started our list yet but plan on doing it tomorrow!!