Monday, January 24, 2011

10 month inspection

Our 10 month inspection was today. The guys were here for almost 6 hours. I'm very happy with the outcome and the workers were all very friendly and nice to talk with. They corrected everything on my list and then some. They did more then expected and I feel like I have a brand new house again! Lots of painting was done. Luckily the walls I painted with our own colors did not require any repairs - keep this in mind when painting. Those walls are the morning room center wall, the wall with the fireplace, and the full bath upstairs (not master bath). Here's what I had done (short version).
  • Kitchen - nail pop in ceiling by pantry, repair seam in vinyl floor by refrigerator, counter top coming away from wall, touch up painting needed
  • Living Room - nail pops near right window
  • Dining Room - touch up painting
  • 1st floor bathroom - touch up painting
  • Stairs to upper level and lower level - lots of nail pops and touch up painting needed
  • Some wall seams needed fixed near corners in lower level and moulding/trim needed touched up
  • The seam for the ledge on the upper level stairs needed repair
  • Pipe noises from HVAC system
  • Seam cracks where ceiling meets wall
  • Caulking around all windows including ledge, caulking around tubs where it meets floor
The pantry issue is something I believe I'm going to learn to live with. If you have a Venice, you'll notice the same issue in a closet upstairs according to the guys today ( I don't know which one since I have a Florence). The best solution to this is to leave that door open a little bit each day and/or to run the Fan option on your HVAC unit over night to help circulate the air. This will also help with the uneven heating/cooling you might experience in your house. We did those 2 suggestions while the guys were there and then had the temperature checked with a laser type tool on each wall - all over the house. It was a useful demonstration for us. It made a big difference in how the temperature regulated itself in that pantry.

Our walkway to the front door will be replaced in the Spring and possibly the small front porch. Those both have cracks with were documented prior to today. We had some nails sticking up from our roof shingles, those were taken care of. They did insulation work outside around the fireplace area and filled in any cracks that were noticed outside on the house that was above grade exposed cement. They found other minor repairs throughout the house which I am thankful for. All in all, a very positive experience and they even showed us how to do some minor repairs.

We got some referrals from them of people that can do some work in the house that we've been thinking about having done and also for our patio and pergola we want done this Spring.


k m said...

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this information. It is so reassuring to know that the issues that you brought up were addressed, were not huge issues, and that they spotted other things on their own. Thank you so much!

k m said...

Oh, and I have a question about your bathroom vanity. You said you ordered another cabinet to go under the counter in the master bathroom. Who installed it? Was it difficult to do? We think we'd like to go the route of ordering another cabinet because I really hate the way it looks. Thanks!

ThriftyAmy said...

The bathroom cabinets we added were installed by a friend - looked fairly easy and didn't take him long.

tasha said...

Thanx, this is good news, I appreciate the update on the temp in the pantry. spoke with our P/M about this and he also said we should leave the door open sometime throughout the day for the air to circulate. also thanx for the HVAC tip I will try it. I guess we can sum this up as another thumbs up for Ryan for a job well done and as promised.

Mindi and Adrian said...

Thanks for this information. It's so great to hear the process was easy and helpful. We are getting ready for our 30 day post settlement and have some minor things that need fixing. It's so crazy we have already been in our house a month!

ThriftyAmy said...

I can't believe how long we've been in our house either. 10 months happened in a heartbeat - crazy! Deciding to move, build a house with Ryan and build where we did was one of the BEST decisions we EVER made. Absolutely NO REGRETS in doing this. We are extremely fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to do this. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we could build a house, let alone be in the community we're in and live in such a wonderful neighborhood.

irvin said...

Thank you for sharing your experiance. I have been reading your blog and decided to sign this past Sunday!!! We meet the carpet people next week. Did you upgrade your carpet or just the padding and if its not to much to ask.. How much was the upgrade?

ThriftyAmy said...

@irvin - CONGRATULATIONS on signing and building with Ryan!! Yes, we upgraded the padding - but none of the flooring. I don't recall the cost - but I might have put that info in my blog. It was highly recommended to upgrade the padding by people I spoke to.

imitchely said...

Thank you... I will also be upgrading the padding. Did you go to the 10lb padding or something below that?

ThriftyAmy said...

@imitchely - I did the 10lb pad. The flooring company said anything more then that was overkill.

Argo said...

Hey Amy,

Just wanted to say thanks for continuing to blog about your experiences. My fiancee and I are having a Venice built in Indiana, and are encouraged to see someone bringing an optimistic-- but realistic-- 1st-timer perspective to home-building.

I was glad to hear you were keeping a steady log of the issues that you had for your 10 month inspection. We figured we'd keep a pad on the fridge just for marking down things we ran into, and it's good to hear that they bring in such a big team to keep tabs on it!

It's easy to find the sites bashing Ryan Homes on issues that aren't always Ryan's fault, as well as issues that can just as easily be found with any builder! Your blog (and the network of blogs you follow) has done a lot to set our minds at ease during this already-nerve-wrecking time, and I just wanted to thank you for that!

ThriftyAmy said...

@Argo - thank you so much for taking the time to post, it made my day! Just when I thought my blog was getting boring your comment popped up and I feel like I'm hopefully still relevant and helping people! Good luck and congratulations!! And keep reading and re-reading all the blogs out there for helpful advice. There's so much useful information out there now that was NEVER available before.