Saturday, January 8, 2011

Utility Bills/Taxes etc.

We're in the middle of Winter here, that's for sure! We've been pleasantly surprised with our utility bills. In December our gas bill was $50 and electric was $30. In January our bill for gas is $88 and electric is $38. Looking back at our utility costs last year for our former house we were paying close to $300 or more!!

I would say our usage is probably pretty average. We use our gas fireplace a fair amount of time and keep our thermostat programmed pretty low at night and when we're not home. And our house now is alot more "tighter" then the old house!

Our taxes here are pretty low too. We pay our property taxes separate from our mortgage. Right now they are $400 a half. We compared this with our old property and it's about $200 less a year. The neighboring county is upwards of $2400 a half!!

Our 10 month inspection is in a couple of weeks. Ryan Homes contacted us a week or so ago to get this scheduled. They said they would be at our house on average 4 hours or more on this day. We haven't started our list yet but plan on doing it tomorrow!!


k m said...

Oh, that's great news about the utilities! If our's turns out to be anything like yours, then we really overestimated our utilities, which would be great. Thanks so much for sharing!

Mindi and Adrian said...

Wow those are some cheap utilities!! We are preparing for the worst but may be will be surprised. having never owned or lived in a large house we have no idea what to expect- especially since it's winter.

tasha said...

OMG,that is wonderful news where I live at now the utilities for dec is high 300's. I can't wait to see the new numbers I pray they are as nice as yours, good for you.I
guess I will see soon enough we will be moving in the dead of winter Brrrrrr

India and Corey said...

Hey Amy!

Do you notice any cold zones in your home? Is the room over the garage cooler then most areas?

ThriftyAmy said...

@India and Corey: no issues with other rooms. The room over the garage is a bedroom for us instead of a loft. We've got no issues there. The basement is noticeably cooler but I think that's to be expected?