Thursday, March 31, 2011

Contingency & Good Faith Deposits

A fellow blogger is experiencing some issues with being on "contingency" and questions have come up about her good faith deposit.

Here's my experience with this. I never wrote about this in my blog prior to this because, well, it's kind of embarrassing!! We signed a contract with Ryan Homes and then walked away from the deal 7 days later. I got cold feet. The suddenness of the deal and range of emotions surrounding it had my head spinning. We weren't even looking for a house when my husband decided to spring the idea on me and drive to the development he had heard of. My GFD was not cashed. The check was promptly returned to me in the mail. It was for $1,000.00. Had we gone through with the deal we were expected to give them 3.5% of the current (before all the upgrades and changes you make) sale price 30 days later, which was an additional $5,600.

Almost exactly a month later we went back to Ryan Homes and resigned a contract and went through with the deal. We were also told about the "contingency" option, but we qualified for the loan and didn't fall into this category. To the best of my knowledge, contingency is when you and/or your spouse/partner/etc. do not qualify for the loan because of your current financial obligations (example, you currently have a mortgage so you don't qualify to have 2 potential mortgages). We actually took someone's lot who was on the contingency plan.That person then gets to pick another lot and could potentially be bounced from lot to lot until his/her financial situation changes and they are able to qualify for the loan.

Hope this helps!!

**Oh and my little surprise I mentioned a few posts earlier for our 1 year anniversary tomorrow in our home may be put on hold because of the weather here - check back!**

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let me help you SHOP for your new HOME!!

Groupon in New York has an amazing deal that we can ALL participate in. Do you have a Groupon account? I have been a Groupon member for a few years now. They have provided me with AWESOME deals locally and nationally. Follow these steps:
  1. Sign up for Groupon here Groupon Sign Up
  2. Once you have an account, go here Groupon eBay Deal
  3. Now buy yourself a $15 eBay gift card for only $7. 
This is SO COOL!! The gift card can be used on eBay for one of those great purchases for you new home and can even be applied towards the shipping cost of your item and can be used towards multiple purchases!! You must have a registered eBay account and PayPal account.

Now go get your GROUPON!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Buying alot online for your house? Buying via eBay?

Here's another tip to help you stretch that dollar further in your house building experience. Use my referral link for This site pays you money when you go through them for over 1,200 online stores and eBay!! It also gives you coupon codes for over 1,200 sites too! I have gotten various amounts in the form of money via checks or money via my PayPal account by going through their site to get to eBay or the online store I'm shopping at. You can even make hotel reservations through them. The payback percentage you'll get is anywhere from 1% to 13% of your transaction!! How cool is that!!?? There's nothing like making a little money while your spending it!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stay tuned....

Stay tuned for something special for our 1 year anniversary in our Florence by Ryan Homes!!! Check back on or about April 1st!