Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bed Bath & Beyond coupon!!

Do you belong to Bed Bath & Beyond's email subscription list? If not, sign up now!! I just got a 20% off a single item printable coupon in my email. Sign up with multiple email addy's to get more than one!!!!

Bed Bath & Beyond email sign up


Becky said...

Great advice, thanka! I get them delivered in the mail all of the time, and the BB&B near me allows you to use 5 coupons at once, and they even take expired coupons!

India and Corey said...

Thanks so much Amy!!! I signed up for 3!!

Max said...

One way to save on BBB purchases is by signing up to their mailing list with your email, immediately they will send you a printable 20% off coupon. This is where I found this deal from:

Save 20% by clicking on an in-store Savings Certificate. Bring it to any of Bed Bath & Beyond's 980 stores and get a 20% discount off any single item. This is a limited time offer & and this Savings Certificate MUST be printed. When you sign up to their mailing list, you will also get the following deals. Note you cannot print the certificate below, you must input your email in to their Mailing list and you will receive an email with your in store coupon.

* Special online offers
* Exclusive in-store savings certificates
* News of upcoming events from Bed Bath & Beyond