Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter bunny came...and never left...

Meet Thumper!

PLEASE no potty accidents Thumper.... LOL!

Happy Easter everyone!


BD said... cute. My daughter had a bunny that she raised from the day it was born. She actually taught it tricks and she would run around the house and Snickers would chase her wherever she went.

Stephanie said...

That picture is just soooooo precious and sooo perfect a bunnny rabbit! Happy Easter.... your girl is soooo adorable by the way :)

2011 said...

Okay who named him? He's too cute. The picture is great. HAPPY EASTER!

Noey814 said...

AW!!! ADORABLE!! And cute name too!
Happy Easter
or maybe I should say in this case,
Hoppy Easter lol

k m said...

Awe...what a cutie - your daughter and the buuny! Hope you had a great Easter.

ThriftyAmy said...

We got Thumper Saturday from someone who rescues rabbits. He got his name from my husband. He's a year old and so far, all is going good. Gonna get him vet checked this week - I'm sure they'll be swamped with bunny checks!

Anonymous said...

What a cute bunny and your DD is just adorable!!

Hope you had a good Easter!