Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to SAVE while decorating your new home!

I've learned alot since moving here a year ago. One of my favorite deal sites is Hot Coupon World. Here's their Twitter page: HCW on Twitter. One tip on there that I found out is that many of the home decorating stores take each others coupons. For example, did you know that Michael's takes Joann's coupons and vice-versa? And they both take Hobby Lobby coupons. This helped me tremendously when shopping for our new decor. Oh, and I also found out on there that Bed Bath & Beyond takes their own coupons even if they are expired!

Happy Shopping!!


FirstTimeBuilder said...

I love Bed Bath & Beyond. I had no clue that they will take expired coupons. That is great news. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I realize this is over a year old post, but BB&B will also take more than one coupon per transaction. If you have five items and five coupons, you can use all five. :)