Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buying Patio Furniture? Like Beer?

Beer companies annually put out great rebates in the summer months. For the last couple of years I have been able to cash in on these offers. And this year is no exception. On Friday I purchased some new patio furniture at Pier 1 (see previous post). Today, I went on eBay and searched "Patio Rebate". As usual, there's more than 1 rebate valid in my state when you purchase patio/outdoor furniture & grills plus beer. I should be able to get $50.00 back on my recent patio purchases after purchasing a rebate form. Always make sure the rebate forms are valid in your state. It's pretty simple to do. Purchase patio furniture, go to grocery store and purchase required beer. Follow directions on rebate form to claim your money!! (Even if you don't like beer - buy it to cash in on this deal and then give it to your new neighbor!)

I also saved alot on the purchase at Pier 1. I mentioned in an earlier post about opening up a Pier 1 card. When you initially open one up, you'll get in the mail various coupons. I got a 20% off any 1 regular priced item, $10 off $50, $5 off no min. purchase, and 20% off regular priced purchase in April. And I got a $20 rewards certificate based on my first purchase when I opened the card. Here's how my deal is going to shake out:

Swingasan Stand $129.95 less 1st 20% coupon = $104
Swingasan $269.95 less 2nd 20% coupon = $215
= $319 less $20 rewards certificate = $299

rebate form cost on ebay $3 + $28 for (2) 18-pks of beer = $31

$299 for patio furniture + $31 for beer and forms = $330
less $50 rebate = $280 for patio furniture and (2) 18pks of beer instead of $400 for just the furniture!

And, I'll be getting another $20 rewards certificate from Pier 1 based on the points I already had and the one's I accumulated from this recent purchase (4pts for every $1. Get $20 certificate when you have 2,000 points). When I initially opened my card up, their double points promotion was going on. It's been really easy for me to rack up the points to get the rewards certificates.

If you don't want to open up a credit card with them - do yourself a favor and buy some Pier 1 gift certificates on eBay. You can always get them for below cost and save yourself some money that way. I did this alot before deciding to open up their credit card.

ps: and I'll get 2.5% back from eBates for my eBay purchase by going through them!!

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