Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free Dirt!! Where else can you find me?

If you're in need of dirt for your flower beds and landscaping here's how you might be able to score some for FREE. If your development is still actively building, there's lots of dirt to be had. Ask your PM if they have extra dirt from recent excavations. We've been able to get many, many yards of dirt for FREE - saving us HUNDREDS of dollars. You might even find someone working in your development using a bobcat. You could pay that person a small amount to dump that FREE dirt in your driveway. I hope to have updated pictures of our patio (and flower beds with our free dirt) in the next few days or so. Unfortunately we seem to be getting NON-STOP rain around here for weeks and it's been hard to enjoy anything outside, let alone work on our yard.

I love sharing good deals. Some of these deals really have little to do with the original intentions of my blog. So...follow me on Facebook and Twitter - ThriftyAmy on both. Send me a quick note on either one so I know who you are and can approve you.


Anonymous said...

At this rate, we will never get our driveway poured or yard in!! :( This weather is unbelievable!

I was just thinking of you and the deals you post!! I really would like the knives, but there is so much other stuff I need/want first!

They aren't building much where I am, but I will keep in mind about asking for dirt! THANKS!


LaLady said...

I was just thinking of my flower bed. I uprooted some plants from my last home to plant them in my new flower bad and they are still ...actually on our street so I'm SURE we can get some free dirt! Heck yea! THANKS

BD said...

Excellent tip. We actually had two lots on our block that the home builders had to re-pick different lots or wait a very very long time to break ground. There is a HUGE mound of dirt on the lots that would have taken them a long time to move. I am sure they would be more then happy to share some of that for free.