Friday, December 13, 2013

I'm back with HUGE NEWS!!

It has been a LONG time since I've been here - but I have a HUGE, eye-opening informational post that I REALLY thought was worth sharing in this forum. We have thought about "cutting the cord" with pay TV for a long time. About 6 weeks ago we did and will NEVER go back to paying for TV. We just eliminated $85 from our monthly bills - our TV bill is now $0!!

How we did it
  • Read and reread this blog Disable My Cable
  • Bought Google's Chromecast device, 1 for each of our main TV's. This will stream ANYTHING from my computer, to the TV. ANYTHING. Cost $35
  • Bought 1 Roku for each of our main TV's. This gives us over 1,000 channels with content that cable/satellite can't touch. It also gives us Pandora, Netflix, PBS Kids, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and more. Cost: varies depending on device, but not more than $100 (search Craigslist for even an even better price)
  • Returned all our cable boxes :)
  • Had this antenna (HBU33) installed by a local company which gives me at least 36 local channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc). ALL in HD. Completely seamless install as it ties into your existing cable lines and inside outlets

And if you live somewhere that tells you that you aren't allowed to have an antenna on your house/property - just show them this FEDERAL law - because they CAN'T. I happily schooled our homeowner's association on this. My antenna installer was very surprised I knew about this law and concurred, it's 100% true. Ask yourself, why is it ok in your homeowner association bylaws to have big, ugly satellite dishes yet not ok to have antennas - well ASK NO MORE!!!

Have more questions? Feel free to ask. Trust me, this was a big decision, but now that we have done it, we understand why so many before us have. I don't regret it and my family has survived without pay TV now for 6 weeks and life is great!



Jen said...

This is great to know! I'm going to have to check into this. Thank you for sharing!

Erik said...

Glad you've done something like this too. We recently cut our cord too. We pay for internet through Verizon Fios and also get a cable card for locals and a few more channels. We use Xbox 360's at each TV for cable boxes, an HD Homerun Prime for the cable card, and our main computer is on all the time. Our result...we get full, whole home DVR services, live TV with guide via Windows Media Center, and best of all, our monthly bill is $65 and that includes our 50/25 fios connection. I love it.